Not only famous for its amazing beach, Nha Trang is also well-known for its diverse and delicious foods. Note down these 5 must-eat dishes to complete your Nha Trang adventure!


Grilled minced pork on a stick

nem nướng

At the mention of Nha Trang food, the first thing that comes to mind is Ninh Hoa (or Nha Trang) grilled minced pork stick. The main ingredients of which is minced pork, either pickled or grilled. Normally, tourists choose to enjoy grilled pork sticks at the spot, and buy picked pork as souvenirs.

Ninh Hoa pork sticks also use chopped pork skin like Thanh Hoa picked pork sticks, but instead of banana leaves wraps, they are wrapped in startfruit leaves to increase the smell and the flavour. Upon eating, you will take into the delicious smell of pork, the sour, sweet, spicy and crispy sensations combining to make an unforgettable taste. What’s more, grilled pork sticks is eaten with green papaya salad, creating an even more special taste.


Vermicelli with grilled fish soup

bún chả cá

This light dish is made with rice vermicelli and a special broil cooked with sailfish and mackerel bone. In Nha Trang, this dish is made even better by adding jellyfish and mashed sailfish into the soup.

A bowl of vermicelli with clear soup, piping hot with grilled fish and mashed fishes, chewy jellyfish and chopped scallions will make for a strange yet delightable dish. On the side, you can add more nutrients to your dish with a plate of chopped vegetables and a small bowl of fish sauce with very spicy chillies. This is a great dish for both those who seek for comfort foods, or those who are on a strict diet.


Sea Food

hải sản nha trang

Needless to say, as a seaside city and a fishing port, Nha Trang prides itself on the freshes and most delicious seafoods. You can enjoy seafood in high-end restaurants or streetside vendors; but the best place to find them is in the fishing village, where they sell fishes and sea creatures right out of the water. The best dishes to try are grilled fish, shrimps, squids, shell fishes, or even grilled seasoned short-finned lizardfish. If you can eat raw fish, indulge your tastebuds with raw salmon!


Can Cake

bánh căn nha trang

Sitting around a burning coal cooker, marveling at how the cook skillfully pour the batter into the pan, then enjoying the sizzling cakes on a windy day is an amazing experience for anyone visiting Nha Trang. Can cake is a very popular cake in the Central and Southern regions of Vietnam. The cake batter is made from rice powder, pork fat, eggs and scallions. Nowadays, can cake has many fillings like eggs, squids, or shrimps. Can cake is eaten with lettuce and sweet-and-sour sauce like Nha Trang fish sauce, onions, chillies, garlics, and minced pork. You can find the best can cakes on Le Thanh Ton Street or Nguyen Thien Thuat street in Nha Trang.


Sticky mango rice paper

bánh tráng xoài

Apart from the main dishes, snacks, especially sweet snacks in Nha Trang are also a must-try part of your food adventure, one of which is the mango rice paper. This delicacy is made from rice paper and the ripest mangoes in Cam Ranh, combined together with sugar to become the best sticky-sweet-and-sour specialty under the skillful hands of the makers. You can enjoy this snack any time you want, buy as gifts for friends and family, or store in your kitchen to satisfy your craving 😀