Shipping containers give new meaning to the old cliche “it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” We have for many years complained that they don’t make very good houses, but they make fine short-term accommodations where one doesn’t need a lot of room, and they make perfectly charming hostels, like this one in the Vietnamese resort town of Nha Trang.

Pop-up City, which has long been onto the idea of container urbanism and cargotecture, as they call it, points us to the CCasa Hostel, where all the shipping containers have been turned into sleeping accommodations, some in suites and some filled with bunks.

Bridges connect to catwalks to stairs, that take guests down to grade where there are washrooms, community areas and more. HostelGeeks describes the scene:

Wooden tables are put together to recreate a large community space where travelers connect friends all around the world to share stories. Talking about sharing stories, have a look at all the lovely and fun short travel stories we collected. Part of the common area on the ground floor is the open kitchen. Guests can cook and spend time together, and for the ones fancying a nice barbecue, go ahead and use the grill.

ccasa bar
Hostelgeeks /via

They describe it as all very green and sustainable, with recycled containers, old windows, and carefully retained and maintained trees growing out of the floor. I like how the wall is made from old shutters, topped off with baskets.